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Dr. Robert Cialdini's 2-Day Principles of Persuasion Workshop
comes to Los Angeles

What is The Rule of Reciprocity?

We all know "The Golden Rule" - "do unto others as you would have them do unto you." But most of us are not aware of the social scientific principle of "Reciprocity" underlying the rule that we can use to become more effective, productive and influential in everything we do.

The rule of Reciprocity simply states that people feel obliged to give back to others who have given to them. The rule may seem simple and intuitive, but it has profound implications for those who use influence and persuasion in their daily work. Indeed, reciprocity is the basis for all negotiations in making deals and settling disputes. It is the foundation of commerce and politics.

Nothing that I learned at Harvard Law School, nor that I have learned in almost four decades of practicing law and mediation, equals the power of knowledge and information about human behavior unleashed by Dr. Robert Cialdini in his book, "Influence: Science and Practice."

Why Should You Attend the Workshop?

Now, you can participate in this unique interactive workshop where scientific theory is translated into real world applications. Dr. Cialdini unpacks the energy and power lying within the rule of reciprocity to demonstrate how you can get people to comply with your requests or suggestions. You do not need to use force, threats or compulsion to get voluntary compliance when the request ethically incorporates one or more of Cialdini's six Principles of Persuasion.

Who is Dr. Cialdini?

Dr. Cialdini is one of the most renowned and quoted social scientists in the world today who has translated over 50 years of social science studies plus his own unique field research about "compliance professionals" into six workable principles, like reciprocity, that we can apply every day in our own businesses and professions.

Who Will Be Presenting the Workshop?

Each year Dr. Cialdini trains a select few qualified applicants to teach his two-day interactive Principles of Persuasion workshop. I am pleased to become the only one on the West coast (and the only practicing attorney) who has completed Dr. Cialdini's rigorous training program and am now authorized to present the workshop in Los Angeles.

I am excited about sharing this information with you, because I have found, as have many others who have attended the workshop, that we can all become more effective and productive in our businesses and professions by ethically applying these six universal Principles of Persuasion.

Who would benefit most from attending the workshop?

Business owners, CEO's, managers, human resource, sales and marketing personnel - those who set policy, run and manage businesses and organizations as well their key employees who want their companies to become more productive and profitable by building stronger relationships with their staff, customers, vendors, strategic allies, and, yes, even competitors.

Also, lawyers, mediators, accountants, real estate, banking and insurance professionals, management consultants, fundraisers and all those who use persuasion and influence in their business and professional activities. (This program for has been approved for 14 hours of MCLE credit with the State Bar of California and qualifies for CPA CLE.)

Workshop is Limited to 25 - How to Sign Up Now for Discount.

This workshop is limited to the first 25 applicants, because it is interactive - everyone participates by applying the principles to the work they need to do the next day. If the class exceeds capacity, we will keep a waiting list and notify you of future workshops.

I hope that you can attend - because the opportunity to receive a gift of useful knowledge is a shame to miss.

Please visit www.usinginfluence.com to learn more about how this exciting science of persuasion can be applied in your work. Or contact Myer directly at info@usinginfluence.com.

Myer J. Sankary, Esq. and CMCT